Friday, January 29, 2010

Para Ti Collections September 4th 2009

Chloe Bello by Marcello Molinari

Cecilia Mendez by Raul de Chapearouge
(a ripoff of an ed from Elle Italy May 2009, this mag´s lack of creativity sometimes is incredible... *rolls eyes*)

(^two pics of the italian editorial scanned by Dicissette)

Tatiana Cotliar by Soledad Rubio

Tatiana Cotliar, Naomi Preizler & Lucia by Candelaria Gil

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vogue Latin America December 2009

Heather Marks by Cliff Watts

Coco Rocha by Tony Kim
Reprint from Vogue Korea October 2009

VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_01.jpg (1.7 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_02.jpg (1.5 MB)VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_03.jpg (2.0 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_04.jpg (1.8 MB)VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_05.jpg (1.9 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_06.jpg (2.0 MB)VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_07.jpg (4.3 MB)VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_08.jpg (1.8 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_CocoRocha_ph-TonyKim_09.jpg (1.0 MB)

Alana Zimmer by Arthur Elgort
Reprint from Vogue Spain September 2009

VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_01.jpg (1.2 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_02.jpg (563 KB)VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_03.jpg (2.1 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_04.jpg (2.5 MB)
VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_05.jpg (1.9 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_06.jpg (1.4 MB)VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_07.jpg (1.7 MB) VogueLA_Dec09_AlanaZimmer_ph-ArthurElgort_08.jpg (2.2 MB)

Sigrid Agren by Josh Olins
Reprint from Vogue Russia August 2009