Friday, July 31, 2009

Vogue Latin America July 2009

Kate Moss by Annie Leibovitz

Total Luxe
Models: Amer A., Rebeca Finch, Mira, Brooke, Jessica Sjoo.
Photos: Hyung-Won Ryoo

Beauty Shot by Danilo Hess


Kip said...

I love these shots from Vogue! They always have such amazing spreads! I just started looking at your blog and I love it! I just started a bog for Ash Stymest, come have a look!

kokobombon said...

Ash, Cole & Josh are my favorite male models atm... love all the tattoos and fragility of their bodies :)
If you check Ash´s thread @ the fashion spot, you´ll find lots of HQ´s editorials posted by me.

Kip said...

SAME! some people don't like the unconventional look they have, but for all the reasons you put and more I just love them! especially Ash, lol! Oh I've been all over that thread and have enjoyed looking at all your posts (that's how I found your blog) I just wish that I could comment! I applied for a membership, but I guess I'm on the wait list :(