Friday, October 3, 2008

Para Ti Collections Argentina Spring Summer 08.09

Liz Solari

"On display Window"
Models: Cecilia Mendez, Virginia
Photos: Candelaria Gil
Stylist: Sergio Barbaro

"Glam Turquoise"
Model: Paula Gandolfo
Photos: Fernando Venegas
Stylist: Andrea Sanguinetti

"China, Japan half turn and Pon!"
Model: Tetyana Melnychuk
Photos: Miguel Esmoris
Stylist: Wendy Aquilante

Model: Soledad Ainesa
Photos: Marcello Molinari
Stylist: Floppy Dursi

Model: Cintia Garrido
Photos: Soledad Rubio
Stylist: Wendy Aquilante

Models: Susy & Marcela
Photos: Soledad Rubio
Stylist: Wendy Aquilante

Model: Florencia Salvioni
Photos: Marcello Molinari
Stylist: Alejandro Garcia

Model: Unknown
Photos: Soledad Rubio
Stylist: Wendy Aquilante


Anonymous said...

Increidlbe dresses!!! Im going to Argentina next week, to one fo the Buenos Aires apartments!! I wanna buy a lot o clothes!! Do you know where can I find that specific dresses??? Or whats the brand of them???

Kokobombon said...

It´s spring here so you could find similar styles. We have malls with all the mainstream brands and places like Palermo Soho with independent designers. Mainstream brands like Maria Vazquez and Allo Martinez have edgier designs, Ona Saez have chic minidresses... avenues like Cabildo and Santa Fe have a lot of shops with affordable prices in a few blocks radius.
These scans don´t have credits on the clothes but if you´re interested in knowing the brand look for the word "vestido=dress"
Hope you enjoy yourself :)