Friday, October 10, 2008

Argentina SS 08-09 Ad Campaigns Part 4

Amor Latino-Marina Rimmer/Ayres-Sheila Marquez/Blaque/Charlotte/Chocolate-Fernanda Traviski/Eufemia-Naomi Preizler/India Style-Elizabeth Ramanauskas/Jackie Smith/Jazmin Chebar/Lee,Paseo Alcorta-Valeria Garcia/Maggio & Rossetto/Melocoton/Ossira-Florencia Fabiano/Paruolo-Chloe Bello/Patisserie/Paula Cahen D´anvers-Lonneke Engel/Prune-Ileana Gonzalez/Rapsodia-Romina Lanaro/Rouge-Milagros Schmoll/Sarkany-Dolores Barreiro/Vitamina-Leonora Balcarce/Wanama


dcarradine said...

Nice scans. Thank you for posting!

EDU said...

que lindos posts, preciosa..! ;-)

Sanja said...


In what magazines can I find Lonneke Engel ads for Paula Cahen D´anvers fall 2009 and spring 2008 that you have posted, since I would love to have them? Thank you, Sanja

Kokobombon said...

Sanja: I don´t remember the specific publication but most likely I´ve scanned them from argentine mags Para Ti and Elle. Remember that spring/summer in Argentina is between september and april.

Sanja said...

Thank you, do you still have those Lonneke pages from your magazines, maybe we can trade for them, or you can sell them to me on Ebay?

Best regards,


Kokobombon said...

Sorry, Sanja. I recycled them a long time ago... you could try searching for the mags at the argentine version of ebay, you´ll have better chances at finding them and they´ll probably be quite cheap (